Improve Yourself. Improve Your Team.

A major part of the success of a team, or an individual, has as much to do with intangible qualities as the tangible ones. At Catawba College Basketball Camps, we strive to build up student athletes with both sets of these traits. We believe they are the essence of any good player, team, or coach.

Our camps and clinics are aimed at shaping young basketball players into successful individuals. We not only help with their basketball skill-set, but also harness their passion for the game. We aim to mentor these young players and shape them into intelligent, mature athletes. The relationships they make while at the camp or clinic may follow them through their future college experiences.

Take advantage of our newly-renovated facility with brand new hardwood floors! Enjoy the diverse levels of competition with all the comforts of regulation-sized courts and an air-conditioned gym. The three main floors, dorms, and cafeteria are all on-site and within 100 yards of each other.

“Our Coaches & support staff take a tremendous amount of pride in developing clinics that best maximize your individual and team’s objectives & goals. By putting together a well thought out, balanced schedule, we strive to make your camp experience beneficial and constructive. Please join us this summer on our beautiful campus and take the first step into getting the most out of your student-athletes for the upcoming season.”


Coach Rob Perron

*All Catawba College Basketball Camps and Clinics are open to any and all entrants and are only limited by the age, gender and grade level.